Behind the Scenes: Filming to Walk Invisible

The start of filming for the upcoming TV series on the Brontës, Haworth, has gone back in time — all the way to the 1840s. Film crews have been busy building an exact replica of the Parsonage as it would have appeared when the Brontës lived there. After the death of Rev. Patrick Brontë later tenants changed the look of the Parsonage through renovations and remodeling. The Brontës, however, would still probably recognize their home even with the changes to the facade, but the plethora of trees that have since grown up surrounding the parsonage and graveyard might have been astounding to the family. For this reason, the replica is being built on the treeless moors. This slide show follows the progression of the 1840 Parsonage being built.

Special thanks to photographer, Mark Davis,  for allowing Enhanced Classics to use his fabulous images.

parsonage-set-without-roof                        parsonage-set-scaffolding3                        parsonage-set-scaffolding2                        parsonage-set-house-on-moor                        parsonage-set-house-on-moor2                        parsonage-parsonage-school                        parsonage-set-distant-house                        parsonage-set-house-center                        parsonage-set-with-plywood                        parsonage-set-partial-painting                        parsonage-set-painted-house                        parsonage-set-near-completion                        parsonage-set-church2                        parsonage-set-gravestone                        parsonage-set-church                        parsonage-parsonage-graveyard-school
The parsonage begins to take shape.
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